Fear & Failure Meetup in Vienna 02

January 2015
4 videos

Urška Starc Peceny

 en Urška Starc Peceny January 2015 17:27

Julia Fabich

 en Julia Fabich January 2015 26:43

Michael Vogler

 en Michael Vogler January 2015 25:35
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Fear & Failure Meetup in Vienna 01

Thanks to our cooperation with the Impact Hub Vienna, we bring the Fear & Fail Events to Austria. Our first event happened on September 24th, 2014 at the Hub. If you'd like to share your stories, suggest speakers or provide feedback please reach us out at our meetup community: http://www.meetup.com/FearandFailVienna/#_=_

September 2014
2 videos

Madalina Serban and her quest to Live true to her heart

 en Madalina Serban September 2014 36:33

Fear & Fail Meetup in Nova Gorica

Nova Gorica is the second city in Slovenia to bring Fear & Fail Events to their local community of entrepreneurs! Matija Bolčina is the City Manager there and you can reach him out if you'd like to be a speaker, provide feedback or share any idea. Join our Meetup at: http://bit.ly/1mXvGij

September 2014
1 video

Petra Škarja and the story the media isn't talking about

 en Petra Škarja September 2014 40:01

Fear, Failure, F...it! Meetup in Ljubljana 03

Isn't everybody trying to achieve a balanced life? How many times have you heard that for entrepreneurs life balance does not exist? How does your personal growth affect your capacity to achieve your potential?

During this videos you'll get to know three members of our community, whose presentations are personal, meaningful and definitively useful.

Join our Meetup at: http://bit.ly/1mXvGij

May 2014
3 videos

Cycles of success are the reason of my failure

 en Daniel Šmon May 2014 30:33

After failing I found the entrepreneur within

 en Jasmina Mitkovska May 2014 24:36

From pessimism to optimism

 en Klemen Kokelj May 2014 21:25

Fear, Failure, F...it! Meetup in Ljubljana 02

Three speakers with three different perspectives. Three individuals facing different entrepreneurial challenges. Join our Meetup at: http://bit.ly/1mXvGij

March 2014
Poligon Creative Center
3 videos

Failure is (just) a matter of perspective

 en Anže Vodovnik March 2014 19:29

Mateja Klarič knows good fear

 en Mateja Klarič March 2014 21:42

Jugoslav Petković

 en Jugoslav Petkovič March 2014 14:10

Fear, Failure, F...it! Meetup in Ljubljana 01

This is the place where entrepreneurs openly share their stories about things gone wrong. Get the real story, from the real protagonists, away from distractions. Find insight in how success really looks.

Join our Meetup at: http://bit.ly/1mXvGij

January 2014
3 videos

Alchemy: Disability into Advantage

 en Matija Goljar, Iva Gruden (@teh_tarik) January 2014 20:06

Great idea+ Good product= Fail ?

 en Miha Krisch, Iva Gruden (@teh_tarik) January 2014 31:01

Darko Butina tells his #Fail story

 en Darko Butina, Iva Gruden (@teh_tarik) January 2014 19:18