Mateja Klarič knows good fear

  • Mateja Klarič
  • March 2014


If anyone knows how does it feel to go through the ultimate experience of fear and failure, it is Mateja Klarič. The former TV and radio personality, the hostess of the legendary Nova elektronica show at the Slovenian national radio, found herself at the lowest point of her life 6 months ago when her life turned upside down as she unexpectedly lost her job over night. While going through the life changing experience of her lifetime, she became closely acquainted with highly intimidating and paralyzing levels of both fear and failure. Yet, the two turned out to be not only one of the greatest challenges she ever had to deal with, but an opportunity of the lifetime as well – and she knew how to use it.

Slide contents

  • Mateja Klarič knows good fear
  • Less than a year ago...
  • The power of illusion...
  • When real life happens...
  • Control
  • Paying Customers
  • Loss of Control
  • Loss of Control
  • Perception
  • Changing Reality
  • A BIG thank you note...
  • The three magic startup words
  • Learn
  • Speed
  • Focus
  • At the Hekovnik e-commerce workshop
  • Is this the light at the end of the tunnel or a train coming at you?
  • The most helpful sentence
  • The startup that didn‘t fail