Fear, Failure, F...it! Meetup in Ljubljana 01

This is the place where entrepreneurs openly share their stories about things gone wrong. Get the real story, from the real protagonists, away from distractions. Find insight in how success really looks.

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January 2014

Darko Butina tells his #Fail story

 en Darko Butina, Iva Gruden (@teh_tarik) January 2014 19:18

First 3Fs Evening Meetup

The Fear & Fail Movement started in October 2013, there the #Fail team promised starting a set of meetups with the intention of keeping the topics of fear and failure 'on the surface'. Our First meetup happened the 23 of January. It was great to see the double of attendees than expected! You can see the photos in our FB page: http://on.fb.me/1gJK1gS­