Stanislav Slavev and the challenges of making a dream come true: Blitab

  • Stanislav Slavev
  • September 2014


Stanislav Slavev, is a young entrepreneur and co-founder of Blitab. He studies at FH Technikum Wien. He’s passion for learning makes him a “multitasking” man. His inspiration is the cause that Blitab represents; he believes in attitude as the key to the the doors of achievement. He values Innovation and Persistence as tools on his path to success.

Together with Kristina Tsvetanova and Slavi Slavev, they decided to embrace a powerful idea, create the first tablet device for blind people. Their dream brought them to Vienna where they experienced many unexpected surprises.

Slide contents

  • Stanislav Slavev
  • Blitab
  • The idea
  • luggage
  • Foreign enterpreneurs
  • High school
  • Decision
  • Certificates
  • Student life
  • Chovecheta
  • Vision
  • What's next?
  • 3D print
  • Vienna
  • Smartphones
  • TEDx Sydney, Australia 2013
  • Failure and Success